Exhaust Gaskets

Manufacturers of custom designed gaskets      

Gasket Solutions can make exhaust gaskets to your individual requirements. using DSF (double steel face) gasket material for standard applications.  Stainless Steel reinforced high temp material for turbo and diesel applications, some examples are listed below.

The examples (pictured right) are header gaskets manufactured to withstand temperatures in excess of 800 deg C  - to suit current Super V8 race engines

Contact Gasket Solutions at info@gasketsolutions.com.au for further details

Toyota 1ggte High Temp Turbo Exhaust Gasket EDIT (Small)

An Example of our
Toyota 1ggte High Temp Turbo Exhaust Gasket

On the left is the original
On the right is the new (High Temp Material)

Super V8 Header Gaskets (Small)
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