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Multi-Layer Steel (MLS)

A Multi-Layer Steel gasket is constructed with a number of steel layers and each layer has a specific purpose. The outer layer which is usually rubber coated and provides the means for sealing around oil, coolant and as an added seal for the combustion area. The stopper layer located beneath the outer layer applies a load around the bore and seals the combustion area. The spacer layer within the gasket is inactive and provides the gasket with the finished thickness.
The MLS gasket offers the following benefits;

  • Excellent Temperature Resistance
  • High Strength

Fitment of an MLS gasket requires an extremely tight surface finish of both cylinder head and block.
The general specification for an MLS gaskets is less than 0.5 micro-metres Ra (less than 20 micro inches Ra).
Always consult OEM manual for surface finish specifications to ensure optimum sealing performance.

Gasket Solutions is able to produce multi-layer steel head gaskets as either a “One-Off” or in small batch quantities.

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Ford 250 Xflow MLS (Small)1

Ford 250 Xflow MLS

Holden 202 6 cyl. Blue-Black Motor MLS (Small)1

Holden 202 6 cyl. Blue-Black Motor MLS

Holden 202 6 cyl. Red M otor MLS (Small)

Holden 202 6 cyl. Red Motor MLS

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