About Us

Gasket Solutions is a family owned business headquartered in Brisbane Australia, built on experience in gasket design and manufacture spanning over 30 years.

We have recognised a need for high quality and affordable gaskets among the large community of car and motor bike enthusiasts and engine re-builders who often find gaskets are either hard or impossible to get for unique projects such as performance cars, bikes, marine applications or rural machinery maintenance. It is our aim for Gasket Solutions to fill this need.

Historically, special type automotive gaskets were a hand made product manufactured in the old copper clad style that were, and still are, used in old side valve engines. While this style of gasket still has its place, Gaskets Solutions has seen the advantages of employing the latest manufacturing technologies, using the highest quality materials and finishing techniques to produce custom gaskets for automotive, industrial and many other applications.

Using these new techniques we can now produce very low volume products quickly and accurately, and at the same time electronically store the information. This will ensure that the same high quality product, that is equal or better than any comparable off the shelf product, is produced expertly and consistently every time.

Gasket Solutions is committed to supplying high quality, high performance gaskets designed specifically to individual requirements at an affordable price. Our aim is to work with our customers to solve any problems they may have and work with them to design the gasket that meets their individual requirements.

In addition to special automotive gaskets, we also supply a range of after-market and performance auto products. Our extensive experience can also be applied to the consulting, design and supply of gaskets and related products for the industrial market.

Gasket Solutions looks forward to working with you to supply the product you need, as well as providing ongoing support to reach the ultimate goal that will satisfy your gasket requirements.